Blog entry published on 16 May 2011

Five Million Loyalty Points Up For Grabs At Roxy Palace Casino

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Author: Anton Johan

As a long-time Canadian online gambling fan, I am under no illusion that pretty much all online casino promotions come with terms and conditions attached, some more limiting than others. This is neither a good or a bad thing, it just is. And over the years I have learned to read these terms and conditions as easily I read my weekly shopping list, so that right away I know what I can gain from the promotion.

It goes without saying that some promotions are not worth the effort because of all the rules attached, but I am pleased to report that most are. On many occasions I have personally benefited from online casino promotions, bonuses and competitions.

Now to the point of this blog. I recently came across one of the best promotions I have seen in ages offered by legendary online casino, Roxy Palace Casino.

Roxy Palace Casino, which has been going for many years and is one of longest running Microgaming-powered online casinos in operation, is running its Mega Millions Give-Away promotion until June 10th this year, where all real money players stand the chance to win their share of 5,000,000 loyalty points, which they can redeem whenever they want. That's 5,000,000 loyalty points!

In fact, the 125 players that accrue the most loyalty points between now and end of the promotion will share the 5,000,000 loyalty points according to their position in the Mega Millions Give-Away promotion standings. It is certainly worth mentioning that the player that accrues the most points overall will be rewarded with the top prize of a 1,000,000 loyalty points. Wowza!

And here's the best part - players accrue points just by playing their favorite online casino games. In other words, you don't  have to jump through any hoops for a shot at winning some serious loyalty points at Roxy Palace Casino. All you have to do is deposit playing funds, pick your favorite games and get playing. And while you play, your loyalty points will rack up.

Now what could be easier or more fun than that?

 Posted by Anton Johan at 07:17 on 16 May 2011
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