Article published on 12 February 2011

New Book Archives Winning Canada Lottery Numbers

Canada Lottery Numbers revealed in new book
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It is not uncommon for daily lottery players to take the time to study past winning numbers in a bid to develop a strategy of their own.

A very helpful book has recently been published, entitled Lottery Post 2010 Lottery Results Almanac (Canada Edition).

This book was released only a fortnight after a similar book was published in the United States.

According to Todd Northrop, the book's author, lottery results almanacs are becoming increasingly important to lottery players.

"With web sites and data coming and going on the internet, maintaining an archival record of results becomes critical for serious players relying on historical lottery data," he said.

Northrop claims that no other resource like this exists, and says his book about Canada lottery numbers is a "high-quality, accurate book, worthy of collecting and archiving, and a critical resource for every serious lottery player."

Almanacs are regularly used by players to chart new possibilities for upcoming draws and refer to past winning numbers to find a possible winning streak or pattern.

The book has been positively received by players who have commented that its is "well worth the purchase price."

The book covers official government lottery games that were played in Canada throughout last year.

Lotto Max MaxMillions games are also included in the information.

Lottery Post 2010 Lottery Results Almanac, Canada Edition (ISBN 978-0-9826272-3-5) is available through various outlets, including Amazon.

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