Article published on 7 November 2011

Sports Announcer Wins Canada Lottery On Air

Canada News Station Announcer Wins Lottery
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A recent Canadian lottery was won in a particularly entertaining way after the TV anchors announcing the win were stunned to realize that the winner was actually their own sports announcer, Barry Deley.

The story began after the live draw of the BC Children's Hospital Foundation Dream Lottery took place at Global BC news station.

The draw was being covered by news anchors Sophie Lui and Squire Barnes and, after some initial confusion, the pair were visibly shocked to learn that Deley was the winner of a cash prize worth $2 million or the choice of one of four luxury homes.

His colleagues were so thrilled that the sports announcer won the Canadian lottery, that they couldn't help calling him live on air and telling him the good news themselves.

The stunned Deley reacted by saying: "Are you serious?  I had a little dream about this, but that never comes true," he said.

Deley was in a grocery store when his colleagues reached him and informed he initially believed that they were calling him about work.

When he was told of the real reason, his next reaction was: "You know people are going to think this is kind of fishy, don't you?

Deley a Fan of Canadian Hospital Lottery

Deley has always been a regular supporter of the BC Children's Hospital lottery, since his now 11 year old daughter, Eden, was treated there for leukemia at the tender age of 4.

He said that the hospital has been a "huge part" of his family's life because of his daughter.  "They saved her life and we are forever grateful," he said.

A hospital spokesperson said that they were delighted that a parent of a former patient won the lottery. "It's always great to see people who've had an experience with the hospital and see some good come from it," said the director of communications at the BC Children's Hospital Foundation, Stephen Forgacs.

In the meantime, players wanting to get their hands on cash prizes of their own, should purchase lottery tickets for Friday's Lotto Max draw, which will boast an estimated jackpot a whopping $50 million. 

As the lottery jackpot has now rolled over to $50 million, it will also start paying out MaxMillions, each worth a whopping $1 million. There will be at least two MaxMillions paid out in the coming draw on Friday November 11th.

Lotto Max tickets can be purchased at all lottery retailers or at online lottery suppliers.

The winning numbers for Barry Deley's lottery win on Friday, November 4 were: 5 8 13 15 27 28 37 and bonus 39.

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