Article published on 18 November 2011

Latest NFL Futures Odds and Prop Bets

NFL outright odds then and now
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One of the greatest things about the NFL is the fact it's such a dynamic sporting franchise, meaning it literally changes from one day to the next, as the fortunes of the top teams plummet, and those of the lesser teams improve.

It's what makes NFL betting such a widespread and entertaining pastime, as week after week punters attempt to predict how their favorite teams will do. And although highly seasoned NFL betting fans obviously enjoy a better success rate than those with less experience, no one gets it right all of the time.

As proof of this, all you have to do is take a look at NFL betting lines offered by most land and online sportsbooks to see how quickly teams can fall in and out of favor In fact, popular online sports betting site Bodog recently compared the NFL odds from the pre-season, last week and this week to win Super Bowl XLVI:

Odds to Win Super Bowl XLVI



Last Week


New England Patriots 11/2 7/1 11/2
Green Bay Packers 7/1 5/2 2/1
Philadelphia Eagles 15/2 25/1 50/1
San Diego Chargers 11/1 16/1 25/1
New York Jets 12/1 18/1 25/1
New Orleans Saints 12/1 11/1 9/1
Pittsburgh Steelers 13/1 12/1 10/1
Atlanta Falcons 16/1 25/1 40/1
Baltimore Ravens 16/1 9/1 14/1
Houston Texans 20/1 12/1 16/1
Dallas Cowboys 20/1 35/1 20/1
Indianapolis Colts 20/1 1500/1 Off the Board
New York Giants 28/1 20/1 30/1
Chicago Bears 30/1 35/1 20/1
Detroit Lions 30/1 20/1 40/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30/1 125/1 250/1
Minnesota Vikings 40/1 300/1 750/1
St. Louis Rams 45/1 1000/1 750/1
Kansas City Chiefs 50/1 125/1 250/1
San Francisco 49ers 60/1 12/1 10/1
Miami Dolphins 60/1 1000/1 750/1
Arizona Cardinals 60/1 500/1 300/1
Oakland Raiders 80/1 80/1 40/1
Tennessee Titans 80/1 150/1 80/1
Jacksonville Jaguars 100/1 500/1 300/1
Seattle Seahawks 100/1 1000/1 750/1
Denver Broncos 100/1 250/1 200/1
Cleveland Browns 100/1 750/1 1000/1
Washington Redskins 100/1 500/1 1000/1
Carolina Panthers 125/1 300/1 500/1
Buffalo Bills 150/1 50/1 80/1
Cincinnati Bengals 150/1 40/1 55/1

It's interesting to note that up until now of all 32 NFL franchises, the New England Patriots are the most consistent team, with their 11/2 pre-season favorite odds of winning Super Bowl XLVI, the exact same as this week's odds.

Last year's Super Bowl champs, the Green Bay Packers, also started off with a very, very strong season. In fact, Bodog had them as the 7/1 favorites to win the Super Bowl in the pre-season, but as of this week, they're the overwhelming 2/1 favorites to win the Vince Lombardy trophy for the second straight year.

An NFL team that has crashed and burned this season are the Indianapolis Colts, who in the pre-season were laid at 20/1 odds to win the Super Bowl. However, after losing all 10 of their games so far this season, Bodog has them as 'Off The Board', meaning odds of 1,000,0000/1 of them winning the Super Bowl are probably too generous.

Another team that has failed to play up to betting expectation are the Philadelphia Eagles, who were laid as the 15/2 third favorites at Bodog in the pre-season to win the Super Bowl, but who this week were laid as 50/1 shots to snatch football's biggest honor.

NFL Week 11 Specials at Bodog

Super Bowl XLVI Early Line
AFC: +3 (-125)
NFC: -3 (+105)

Total Passing Yards - Tyler Palko (KC)
Over/Under: 235?

Total TD Passes - Tyler Palko (KC)
Over: 1? (+145)
Under: 1? (-175)

Total Interceptions - Tyler Palko (KC)
Over: ? (-200)
Under: ? (+160)

Total Completions - Tyler Palko (KC)
Over/Under: 20?

Tim Tebow - Total Passing Attempts Week 11
Over/Under: 18?

Tim Tebow - Total Completions Week 11
Over/Under: 8?

Total Rushing Attempts by the Denver Broncos Week 11
Over/Under: 44?

Will Andy Reid be the Head Coach of the Eagles for Game 1 of the 2012 Regular Season?
No: -140

Will DeSean Jackson be a member of the Eagles for Game 1 of the 2012 Regular Season?
Yes: -200
No: +150

Will Mike Shanahan be the Head Coach of the Redskins for Game 1 of the 2012 Regular Season?
Yes: -200
No: +150

How many times will the Eagles be referred to as the 'Dream Team' during the live broadcast of Sunday Night Football?
Over/Under: 2.5

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