Article published on 20 February 2012

2012 World Series Odds Favor the Phillies

Phillies favored in 2012 World Series odds
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It's that time of the year when the new MLB season is starting to creep into the collective consciousness of baseball betting fans across the United States and Canada, and as proof of this many leading online sportsbetting sites have started posting 2012 World Series odds.

Surprisingly, perhaps, the Philadelphia Phillies have been laid as the early favorites to win baseball's biggest honor, ahead even of last season's World Series champions, the St. Louis Cardinals, and runners-up, the Texas Rangers. Top online sportsbook Bodog has posted +500 odds on the Phillies to win the 2012 World Series.

Phillies Lead Early 2012 World Series Betting

And Bodog is not the only sportsbook that has recognized potential in the team from Philadelphia, as pretty much most land and online sportsbooks have put them in the early lead in the MLB 2012 World Series betting stakes. So the million dollar question is what do their respective handicappers see in the Phillies?

Perhaps the fact that the National League team will not go up against the kind of quality teams that their American League counterparts will have to go up against. In fact, it's true to say that there's a vast difference in quality between the Phillies and second and third rated NL teams - the San Francisco Giants and the Miami Marlins.

Although, canny MLB betting fans would be wise to remember that the Phillies have not had a particularly good run of it over the last few years. Ever since they snagged the 2008 World Series, they have struggled to recapture the kind of form they displayed that season, which saw them deservedly defeat the Tampa Bay Rays 4-1.

Consider that in the 2009 World Series they lost 4-2 to the New York Yankees, before losing to the San Francisco Giants in the NL Championship Series in 2010, before they failed to make it to the NL Championship Series last year, succumbing to the St. Louis Cardinals in the last game of the Division Series.

Maybe handicappers have recognized something in the Philadelphia Phillies that has been missing in recent seasons, and this will be the year that the team makes the Major League Baseball championship its own once again. Only time will tell. But for right now, MLB betting fans have already started laying their 2012 World Series bets.

2012 World Series Odds at Bodog

Philadelphia Phillies +500
New York Yankees +700
Los Angeles Angels +800
Boston Red Sox +1000
Detroit Tigers +1000
Texas Rangers +1000
San Francisco Giants +1800
Miami Marlins +2000
Tampa Bay Rays +2000
Atlanta Braves +2200
Cincinnati Reds +2500
St Louis Cardinals +2500
Arizona Diamondbacks +2800
Colorado Rockies +3300
Washington Nationals +3300
Chicago Cubs +4000
Los Angeles Dodgers +4000
Milwaukee Brewers +4000
Toronto Blue Jays +4000
Chicago White Sox +6600
Cleveland Indians +8000
Minnesota Twins +8000
New York Mets +8000
Kansas City Royals +10000
Oakland Athletics +10000
Pittsburgh Pirates +10000
Baltimore Orioles +12500
San Diego Padres +15000
Seattle Mariners +15000
Houston Astros +20000

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