Article published on 25 November 2009

Online Casino Security and your personal privacy

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Where and when you choose to gamble online is nobody's business but yours which is why online casino security is so important, and why online casinos go to such great and costly lengths to ensure your personal privacy is maintained at all times. In fact, because the very nature of online gambling is money-driven, the security measures used by online casinos are amongst the best and most robust in the world, as the smallest security breach can bring down a casino overnight.

So with this in mind, online casinos ensure their security measures are amongst the latest and most high-tech in the world and use only the most advanced methods of encryption like SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128-bit encryption. This encryption is part of an online casino's 'firewall' and is designed to keep 'hackers' out. Think of a firewall as the security measures at an airport, where you cannot board a plane (access an online casino) until you have been properly scanned and checked.

Now when you login to your online casino account, you do so with your own unique and private username and a password that has been encrypted using 128-bit encryption. This is like having a special pass that will get you - and only you - waved though security at the airport. Anyone who tries to guess your password will have to try up to 340 trillion trillion trillion combinations. And that many combinations could take a million years or more to check, so your financial info is safe.

What's more, 28-bit encryption creates a different combination (out of 340 trillion trillion trillion combinations) with every one of your gambling sessions to make it even harder to crack or hack. While you may think this high level of online casino security is overkill, it is crucial to ensure the online casino's integrity as well as your ongoing personal privacy, financial integrity and peace of mind. Most online casinos invest enormous amounts of money on their online casino security.

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