Welcome to Maple Gambling, an independently owned and operated online gambling portal that is dedicated to providing our visitors with the latest industry news, offering insights and recommendations on a variety of online gambling companies, and focussing attention on the Canadian gambling industry, both offline and on the Internet.

MapleGambling.com is owned and operated by Top Affiliate CC, an organisation that has over a decade of invaluable experience in online gambling. Directors of the company have operated online casinos, developed software for sports betting and horse racing, and all members of our staff share a passion for gambling in general and wagering online in particular.

Maple Gambling is committed to providing a service to all our visitors, ranging from basic information on how to play various games of chance all the way to player advocacy for those Internet gamblers who need a voice when they have questions or concerns that are not being satisfactorily dealt with.

There are a lot of information services out there that offer reviews and content of the gambling industry, and Maple Gambling is specifically positioned to focus on the needs and interests of Canadian gamblers, although we welcome visitors from all over the world. Our mission is to provide the most relevant information possible about online gambling in Canada.

Maple Gambling requires the talents of numerous individuals to make it stand out, and we'd like to highlight a few key staff members without whom the website as you see it today simply would not be possible.

  Wayne La Jolie

Wayne is Head of Operations and the lead project manager for Maple Gambling. A native of Montreal, Wayne has previously worked for online gambling companies based in Quebec that are renowned industry leaders. His expertise ranges from sports betting to online casino operations, and in his spare time he will usually be found at a low-stakes online poker table coffee-housing his opponents in both English and French.

  Nick Burns

Nick is a former sports handicapper who has also worked in bricks & mortar casinos setting the lines for the sports books. A talented writer with a degree in English Literature from York University, Nick is now our senior news correspondent. He monitors the latest happenings on the Canadian gambling front and is responsible for all our reviews and news articles.

  Cynthia Simmons

Cynthia is the Maple Gambling copywriter and also moonlights as our resident sub-editor. She has worked for online gambling news portals for the past six years, and is especially interested in online poker news. When she isn't writing headlines about the latest online poker record to be broken she enjoys cycling around Stanley Park and life in Vancouver with her two dogs and a parakeet named Charlie Parker.

  Craig Orr

Craig is the Head of Software Development at Maple Gambling. He grew up in Manitoba and while not related to those Orr's is still a keen ice hockey player. His ability to code is reflected in the superior Content Management system that is the backbone of this website. If you find any broken links please email them to him directly as no one can face telling him in person.

  Barry Gerber

Barry is the newest member of the Maple Gambling staff and has been with us for a little over a year. Barry is responsible for website marketing and advertising and monitoring all third-party partners of Maple Gambling. Barry hails from South Africa originally but has lived in Toronto for the better part of a decade. He is married and has one child.

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