Article published on 20 May 2010

Silver Slipper Casino Chooses AIM CMS

Silver Slipper Casino has chosen it's database marketing system
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Silver Slipper Casino has begun implementing a state of the art casino database marketing tool which has been specifically designed for the gambling industry. Silver Slipper is Mississippi's first land based casino which opened in November 2006

Advanced Intelligent Marketing - AIM is a complete database marketing solution which is produced by MRI (Marketing Results Inc.) MRI is headquartered in Las Vegas and specializes in marketing for the casino industry. It provides marketing solutions for many casinos in North America and Canada including creative services, campaign management and consulting.

AIM is an easy to use, safe and accessible in-house solution that helps casino marketers reach top analysis results. It transforms data into understandable marketing intelligence through in-depth reports segmented by key player characteristics.

The Canadian gambling industry is currently seeing some interesting changes, as provinces seek ways to legalize online gambling to bring much needed cash into their coffers. Canadian land casinos will need to implement some changes if they hope to keep up with the competition. Systems like AIM would be the type of tool they will need to make such changes.

"Advanced Intelligence Marketing (AIM) CRM application increased our revenue almost immediately and reduced our campaign planning time with superior analysis tools," said Glenn Buxton, the VP of Marketing for Silver Slipper.

"AIM empowers database marketing staff to quickly and accurately plan and implement campaigns then track progress from moment to moment. AIM provides a competitive advantage through detailed database analysis, end-to-end campaign management tools that create efficiencies in executing marketing campaigns, player development tolls that include a contact management system and the department productivity reports to allow casinos to become more effective in their marketing efforts," said Gary Border, President of Marketing Results.

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