Article published on 4 September 2010

Multi Million Dollar Lottery Win for Edmonton Couple

A Edmonton couple has hit the jackpot on the Lotto Max lottery
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A couple from Edmonton, Canada are finding it hard to get their head around the fact that they hit the jackpot on the Lotto Max lottery - taking home the amazing sum of $10 million.

Liz and Michael Kennedy told of their stages of disbelief and then joy when they learnt of this life-changing win.

When the Liz went to the 7-Eleven to check her Lotto Max tickets through the machine, she was stunned to learn that she had won $10 million.

However, she was so skeptical that she requested a printout from the clerk.

"I thought something was wrong with the machine," she said.

Kennedy went home in a daze and told her husband: "I think we won $10 million."

It took the couple four days to let the news sink in before they came forward on Thursday to claim their prize.

Naturally, the young couple has plenty of plans for the money, including traveling around the country, paying bills and purchasing a new car.

Michael has a long term vision to set up a bursary plan for his children's post-secondary education, as well as for his friends and family's children.

Liz Kennedy was still in shock days after the win.

"I thought I'd wake up the next morning and find out it was all a dream," she said.

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