Article published on 12 November 2010

Canadian Lottery Winners Give Millions Away

Allen and Violet Large gives away 98% of their lottery winnings to charities
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A Canadian couple have earned themselves a reputation for being the most generous lottery winners in history, after giving away nearly their entire jackpot.

Allen and Violet Large, who won $10.9 million in July, said that they didn't need anything for themselves, and therefore decided to give everything away.

The money was won on the Lotto 6-49 lottery draw and was given away within four months of the win.

A staggering 98% of their winnings was donated to local charities, including the Red Cross, cemeteries, the fire department and churches.

Money was also donated to a hospital where Violet Large received treatment for cancer.

According to 75 year old Allen Large: "We haven't bought one thing. That's because there is nothing that we need."

He said that he and his wife were very happy living their quiet life in their 150 year old home in rural Nova Scotia.

"You can't buy happiness," he said.

His 78 year old wife agreed. "What you've never had, you never miss," she said. "We have an old house, but we're comfortable and we're happy in it."

When asked how she felt about giving so much money away, Violet said: "It made us feel good. And there's so much good being done with that money!"

"That money that we won was nothing," added her husband. "We have each other."

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