Article published on 28 November 2010

Canadian Poker Champ Plans on Touring the World

Jonathan Duhamel is planning a world tour
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Several weeks after winning the World Series of Poker Main Event, Jonathan Duhamel is still trying to come to grips with his newfound status as one of the biggest poker stars in the industry.

The 23 year old is still in shock over the amount of money that he won - $8.9 million of it!

The French Canadian has vowed to step away from his reclusive world of online poker gaming and take on bigger names in the live poker world.

He said that he plans to begin touring the world and "trying myself against the best players in the world."

Speaking to the media in New York, Duhamel said that "people say I have to be a poker ambassador, so I take that role very seriously."

He went on to say that "since I started playing poker it's been a dream to be in that position. Now that I'm there, I'm going to do everything I can to be the best with that role."

Since his win, Duhamel has been jumping from one interview to another and has given a staggering 300 in total across the United States and Canada.

Duhamel's newfound fortune means that he can buy practically anything he wants. However, he admits that besides the $100,000 that he promised to give to a children's charity, he has bought nothing except a suit to wear on his North American poker tour.

The young player still enjoys online poker and came 16th (out of 200 entrants) in a recent Poker Stars tournament.

The giant online poker room has signed a sponsorship agreement with Duhamel.

As he undertakes a bigger tour across the world, poker fans are sure to be hearing a lot more about Jonathan Duhamel.

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