Article published on 24 February 2011

Omni Casino Continues its Hot Seat Promotion

Hot Seat Promotion running at Omni Casino
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The Playtech powered Omni Casino has many promotions and bonuses running, but loyal players agree that none beat the site's ongoing Hot Seat promotion.

This promo has been voted Number One by Omni Casino gamblers month after month, mainly because it is one of the only promotions in the industry where the player is guaranteed to win.

Winning has never been easier!

Essentially, for each qualifying gaming day that the player accesses the site and plays the fun games, they will be awarded one Hot Seat Point.

The more days played, the hotter the seats get and the more cash the player will win.

Players who play 28 days or more during the promotional period are guaranteed to win $500!

This promotion is usually run from the beginning to the end of a given month.

The prize chart is as follows:

'Chilly Days' (5-6 days played) - $15

'Warming' (7-11 days played) - $40

'Warmer' (12-17 days played) - $105

'Toasty' (18-22 days played) - $215

'Hot' (23-27 days played) - $330

'Jackpot Hot' (28 + days played) - $500

To qualify for the Hot Seat promotion, players need to play a minimum of five gaming days between the first and the last day of the month in order to win a prize.

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