Article published on 22 March 2011

Maple Casino Donates Generously to Japanese Tsunami Victims

Japanese Tsunami victims receives donation from Maple Casino
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On March 11th, an 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan, releasing a 23 foot high tsunami that battered the country's shores.

The devastation wreaked by these two events left tens of thousands dead, hundreds of thousands homeless and uncountable damage to Japan's infrastructure and wellbeing, not to mention the mental and physical health of millions of its residents.

The international community answered Japan's call for assistance, and the gambling industry has stepped up to play its part.

One of the casinos that has donated generously to the Japanese Red Cross is the leading Canadian online casino, Maple Casino.

The Casino Manager of Maple Casino, Charlotte Jackson recalled: "When we heard that Japan had been struck by an earthquake, we did not expect this to be followed by a second disaster, namely the tsunami. There is untold horror, pain, suffering and immense losses in a multitude of facets that the Japanese people now have to deal with."

"The magnitude of life that has been lost is tragic, and many of the earthquake and tsunami victims also have loved ones to mourn," she said.

Jackson said that Maple Casino felt that it was their duty to make a donation to the Japanese Red Cross Society in the hope that it would benefit the victims.

"We have donated 50,000 Yen to assist with relief efforts and we extend a challenge to other organizations to make a contribution to assist the victims who are struggling in these heartbreaking times," she urged.

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