Article published on 18 November 2011

Canadian Atlantic Lottery Eyes International Expansion

Atlantic Lottery Hoping to Operate Internationally
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The Atlantic Lottery Corporation is looking to expand outside of the four Canadian provinces it currently operates in to international markets such as the US and Albania, in a move to increase profitability.

According to Chuck Bridges, Vice President of the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, if it goes ahead, the Atlantic Lottery expansion will give the lottery greater opportunity to grow both its customer base and profits.

"It's not just that we're looking at Albania or Illinois, but we're looking at a wide number of opportunities around the planet and we're doing so because, as I say, we've got 35-plus years of experience in the marketplace doing this kind of business," said Bridges.

The Atlantic Lottery Corp is feeling the pinch due to changing demographics in Atlantic Canada, and difficulties in competing with online gaming operators. He stressed that expanding into regions such as Albania would present the opportunity for generating millions of dollars for Atlantic Canada's regional governments.

"It's part of us protecting Atlantic Lottery and our provinces that goes back into the shareholders - the provinces, so they can build hospitals, roads, infrastructure, that sort of thing."

The final say on the proposal of the Atlantic Lottery Corporation will be given by the four Atlantic Canadian governments.

About the Atlantic Lottery Corporation

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation was launched in 1976 with lottery games offered on behalf of the governments of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Labrador and Prince Edward Island.

The games it offers have created more than 90,000 winners with big and small prizes awarded every day. Plus 100% of all profits made in the games go back into the community to build things like infrastructure, hospitals and roads and to support projects such as education and social programs.

There are many different games offered by the Atlantic Lottery including Lotto 6/49, which awards a base jackpot of at least $3 million every Saturday night; Lotto Max with jackpots starting at $10 million drawn every Friday night; Atlantic 49 with a million dollar jackpot; and Bucko, a daily draw that awards a top prize of $20,000 every day.

With all profits going back to the community, there are plenty of reasons to play in Atlantic Lottery games. Make sure to buy your ticket before the next big draw of the game you choose to play and you could become the next Atlantic Lottery winner.

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