Article published on 16 December 2011

Colts vs Titans in NFL Week 15 Matchup

Colts are winless this season
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Like people cannot stop themselves from gaping at the carnage of a motorway pile-up, so too will NFL fans be unable to turn away from Sunday's Week 15 matchup between AFC South rivals the Tennessee Titans and the winless Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis at 1:00 pm ET.

Colts vs Titans Odds at Bodog

  Spread Money Line Total
A Tennessee Titans -6½ -110 -300 o41½ -110
H Indianapolis Colts +6½ -110 +245 u41½ -110

Because the Titans are having nothing less than a 'car wreck' of a season, being unable to pull out even a single win all season, threatening to finish way last in the league. What is most surprising about the Colts is that they finished last season top of the AFC South with a none-too-shabby 10-6 to make it into the playoffs.

And even though they were narrowly knocked out in the first round by a single point, nobody could have foreseen how far they would fall this season. Of course, it hasn't helped any that the Colts' top-rated quarterback Peyton Manning has been out all season due to injury.

After never missing a single start for Indianapolis since he was the top draft pick in 1998, Manning has been out for the whole year, which is sad - for both him and Colts' fans - considering he ranks third in the the league with a whopping 54,828 passing yards, and is the only four-time MVP in NFL history.

As for head coach Jim Caldwell, no doubt his days in Indianapolis are numbered, and deservedly so.

Colts Unlikely To Pull Out A Win

With the season fast drawing to a close, it's unlikely that the Colts will get back on a winning trail, especially with team morale at rock bottom. As proof of this, nobody associated with the teams seems particularly interested in commenting on their lack-luster season, but are rather looking ahead to the off-season, when the team will presumably be completely overhauled.

On the up side for Indianapolis, at least they'll end up with some talented new blood from next year's draft. But right now, that offers little comfort to the team or their fans who would love nothing more than to celebrate at least one win.

But with the Tennessee Titans still vying for a coveted spot in the playoffs, it's unlikely they'll find that victory on Sunday. The Titans will travel to Indianapolis out for blood, with the knowledge that they will face the absolute worst team in the NFL. Add to that the fact the Titans are having a pretty good season all things considered, and are already one win up on last year.

When these two teams met earlier this season in Week 8 in Nashville, the Titans beat the Colts 27-10. In that game the Colts were unable to get the ball outside their own 10 yard line, while quarterback Curtis Painter could barely throw the ball, opting instead to run it for 79 yards. Defensively, the Colts had some shining moments, but not enough to prevent yet another loss.

So expect another 'car crash' on Sunday. Our free Colts vs Titans prediction: Titans -6

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