Article published on 6 January 2012

NFL Playoffs First Round Predictions

First Round Predictions for NFL Playoffs
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The start of the Wild Card Weekend, the first round of the 2011-2012 NFL Playoffs, is just a day away, and NFL betting fans in Canada and beyond are scrabbling to get their bets on, with four all-important Wild Card games scheduled.

While all eight teams that will be showcased this weekend deserve to be in the playoffs after a long and grueling season, only four teams will progress, which means the pressure is on. If you've been scratching your head as to which teams will come out ahead, perhaps our NFL Playoffs first round predictions will help.

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NFL Playoffs First Round Predictions

Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans (-3)

You don't have to be an NFL guru to see that the Houston Texans of today are a far cry from the Houston Texans that kicked off the season. This is largely due to a high spate of injuries that put paid to one too many Houston playmakers, thus 'watering down' the team, particularly its offense. As such, it shouldn't be too difficult for the arguably 'fitter' Cincinnati Bengals to tear the Texans' offense apart on Saturday, and rack up enough points to win the game and move forward.

Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints (-10.5)

Fans of underdog teams will be eager to watch as the New Orleans Saints host the Detroit Lions, hoping somehow that the visitors will take down the arguably stronger team in some kind of 'David and Goliath' scenario. The reality, however, is that the Saints came top of the NFC South for a reason - they are darn good! Plus they are the team most touted to reach the Super Bowl. They are simply in a different league to the Lions, and will no doubt prove it tomorrow.

Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants (-3)

There's no denying that the New York Giants dazzled in their Week 17 victory over the Dallas Cowboys. But over the course of the regular season, they annoyingly showed an inconsistency that often overshadowed even their greatest wins. Similarly, the Atlanta Falcons were also bitten by the 'inconsistency bug', making it hard to predict their progress from one game to the next. That said, the Giants' home advantage should come into play on Sunday to secure them a win.

Pittsburgh Steelers (-8.5) at Denver Broncos

Of all the Wild Card Weekend games scheduled for the weekend, this game might result in the greatest score difference. That is to say that the Denver Broncos will certainly meet their match in the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have one of the best defenses in the league, and one which is capable of rendering Denver's offense useless. And while the Steelers offense is nothing to write home about, it will outmatch the Broncos' defense. So expect a high scoring Steelers win on Sunday.

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