Article published on 6 July 2012

British F1 Grand Prix Set for Sunday

British F1 Grand Prix 2012
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This weekend F1 fans can look forward to the 2012 British F1 Grand Prix which is expected to be a nail-biting affair as the world's top drivers take on the highly technical Silverstone racetrack, hopefully without a drop of rain in sight.

What's great about Silverstone is that it's the home track for the majority of the F1 teams, which means the drivers are very familiar with the circuit, and know exactly how far they can push the envelope, which should make for a very exciting race.

In addition, the 2012 British Grand Prix will be an exciting spectacle for the simple reason that the F1 season so far has been a very tightly knit affair, with seven drivers winning eight of the races (Fernando Alonso won the European Grand Prix and the Malaysian Grand Prix) which means everyone is pretty much still in the running.

Vettel Can Stand Out at Silverstone

While this means that everyone has a good chance of winning on Sunday, realistically there are four drivers who stand out the most - Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, Lewis Hamilton and Ferdinand Alonso, simply because they have excelled at this track in the past and have been able to rack up some impressive lap times.

Sure, while many fans feel that Jenson Button could make to the podium on Sunday, the facts are that his McLaren has given him issues this season, which means he hasn't been able to live up to 2009 World Champion status. The same can be said for former champion Michael Schumacher, who has largely struggled with his Mercedes, while his teammate Nico Rosberg, has not lived up to expectation, despite winning the Chinese Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel consistently delivers 110% as long as his car is 100%. Unfortunately, that has not always been the case, but Team Red Bull have greatly improved during the season. His car is one of the fastest in ambient conditions, and should be no slouch in fair conditions on Sunday, hence Vettel's favorite betting status at bet365.

Webber Won the Monaco Grand Prix

Mark Webber drove a cracker of a race to win the Monaco Grand Prix, arguably the most grueling and technical of all the F1 races. And while he has not won a race before or since this season, if his car fires on all cylinders this weekend and he sets a decent qualifying time to put him on or near the front of the grid, he could do very well.

Lewis Hamilton, who won the Canadian Grand Prix in fine style, could also be a contender in the 2012 British Grand Prix. Although he has a history of delivering better qualifying performances than race performances at Silverstone, he is hungry for a win in front of his home crowd. As such, expect Hamilton to pull out all the stops this weekend.

Ferdinand Alonso has had a great season so far in his Ferrari, and with his Malaysian Grand Prix win still fresh in his mind, he could be the driver to beat if he has a decent qualifying session. He will be eager to increase his victories to three this season, and if his car holds together he may just have a better than good shot of achieving that.

2012 British Grand Prix Odds at bet365

Sebastian Vettel - 5/2
Lewis Hamilton - 7/2
Fernando Alonso - 13/2
Mark Webber - 10/1
Kimi Raikkonen - 12/1
Romain Grosjean - 12/1
Jenson Button - 12/1
Nico Roseberg - 18/1
Michael Schumacher - 20/1
Sergio Perez - 25/1
Pastor Maldonado - 33/1
Felipe Massa - 50/1

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