Article published on 20 July 2012

Vettel Favored in 2012 German Grand Prix

German Grand Prix on Sunday
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F1 fans are champing at the bit for Sunday's 2012 German Grand Prix at Hockenheim, where betting favorite Sebastian Vettel will attempt to win this race for the first time, and in the process, delight his home crowd.

This year's F1 season has been pretty open so far, with no one driver really streaking ahead in the rankings. In the nine races so far this season, seven drivers have chalked up wins - Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber leading the way with two wins each.

And going into this weekend's German F1 Grand Prix, Vettel will be eager to notch up his second win of the season. But that is easier said than done considering that Hockenheim is considered to be one of the most technical tracks on the F1 circuit, that requires precision driving and concentration at all times.

Drivers Can Reach up to 190mph at Hockenheim

Each year the German Grand Prix alternates between Hockenheim and the legendary N?ring. This year driver's will have to be on their toes to take on the circuit famous for its high speed first half where cars can reach almost 190mph, and more technical, slower second half where the average speed is just 124mph.

I say just, because in the world of Formula 1, 124mph is considered to be fairly slow, and the reason for this is a tricky hair pin, followed by a flick and then a section through the stadiums. As a result, this is a particularly gruelling race, where even the smallest lapse in concentration can be costly.

Marc Webber Won the Recent British Grand Prix

Interestingly, despite Marc Webber's victory in the recent British Grand Prix at Silverstone, he is only the tied third betting favorite at most online sportsbooks, including Bodog, with odds of 13/2 alongside Brit Lewis Hamilton. The second favorite to win the German Grand Prix is Spaniard Ferdinand Alonso on 9/2 behind top dog Vettel on 9/4 odds.

Alonso is leading the 2012 F1 season with 129 points, followed by Webber on 116 points, Vettel on 100 points and Lewis Hamilton on 92 points. Which means a victory or two can change the lead which is why this season has been one of the most exciting in recent years, and could come right down to the wire.

Bodog has posted the latest odds for the winner of the German F1 Grand Prix.

2012 German Grand Prix Winner Odds

Vettel, S - 9/4
Alonso, F - 9/2
Hamilton, L - 13/2
Webber, M - 13/2
R?k?, K - 11/1
Grosjean, R - 16/1
Button, J - 18/1
Rosberg, N - 18/1
Schumacher, M - 20/1
Massa, F - 40/1
Perez, S - 40/1
Maldonado, P - 50/1
Kobayashi, K - 100/1
H?erg, N - 150/1
Di Resta, P - 200/1
Senna, B - 200/1
Ricciardo, D - 500/1
Vergne, JE - 500/1
Kovalainen, H - 1000/1
Petrov, V - 1000/1
Glock, T - 2500/1
Karthikeyan, N - 2500/1
Pic, C - 2500/1
de la Rosa, P - 2500/1

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