Article published on 5 November 2012

OLG Requests Toronto Casino Impressions from Caesars

Caesars Rolls out Toronto Casino Plans
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The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) has requested all groups interested in operating a casino in Toronto to "move forward with preparing their designs."

As such, one of the interested groups, the US Caesars Entertainment Corp, became the latest company to produce pictures of its vision of a mega gambling and entertainment complex in Toronto.

Caesars said that the proposed Toronto Casino artist's impressions were produced at the request of the OLG, after groups were asked to provide drawings so that the public could envision these plans and how they would fit into Toronto's existing landscape.

According to Jan Jones, a former mayor of Las Vegas and current spokesperson for Caesars, "The debate is ongoing around Toronto as a location, what this might mean to the city. People want to have a sense of what does it look like, where it might go, although ultimately that is the city's decision."

Casino Operators Provided with Guidelines

In a letter sent by the OLG asking for drawings of the casino in Toronto, the groups were given "suggested guidelines".

They were told that serious consideration would be given to proposals which managed to incorporate existing infrastructure into their new plans, as well as the creation of green space, sustainability features and non-gambling facilities to allow the resort to appeal to a wider public base. Most operators who have issued proposals have managed to incorporate these guidelines.

Caesars Unveils Casino Plans

Caesars' Toronto casino drawings, which were unveiled on Friday, show that a first choice for a location for a proposed casino would be the convention center site due to its close proximity to public transport and the city's entertainment district. The proposed site would also not compete with established businesses by drawing visitors to a different location, added the group.

However, Caesars also said that while its plans envisioned using the convention center as its perfect site, they could be adapted to be used at other downtown Toronto locations. It said that it would soon be releasing drawings for a casino complex at Exhibition Place.

Today, a mayoral executive committee will consider a staff report which predicts an economic windfall should Toronto accept the idea of a new casino. The report, issued by Toronto city manager, Joe Pennachetti, estimates that the city could collect nearly $200 million each year, over and above the sale or lease of city-owned land to casino operators.

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