Article published on 15 March 2013

BCLC Scratch & Win Tickets Reward Well

BCLC Scratch Cards Offer Huge Payouts
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The British Columbia Lottery Corp (BCLC) has several products, including lottery and keno tickets. However, Scratch & Win cards have a special place in the hearts of lottery players due to their ability to result in instant wins and to pay out truly life-changing sums of money or prizes in the blink of an eye.

BCLC Scratch & Win cards include cards with titles such as Pure Platinum, Set for Life and $100 Million Extravaganza, and just from these titles, it can be deduced that the lottery corporation means business when it comes to top rewards.

Pure Platinum Scratch & Win

Pure Platinum is a scratch card which is only sold in BC and players have the chance to win some truly amazing prizes on this $20 ticket.

First of all, the prize pool is practically loaded with $50 wins, which is a nice surprise even if you don't win the big prizes.

The top prize level earns the winner $200K, while the second level carries a $50,000. In addition, winners have the chance to win one of four luxury cars which also make up the prize pool - two Mercedes C250 Coupe's and two Mercedes GKL350's!

Set for Life Scratch & Win

BC's remarkable game, Set for Life, includes 10 top prizes where winners are rewarded with $1,000 a week for 25 years!

There are $15 million in total prizes in this Scratch and Win game and odds are 1:3.77 overall to win a prize.

$100 Million Extravaganza

BCLC is also proud of its $100 million Extravaganza, where fourteen top prizes of $1 million are part of the total $100 million prize pool.

Prizes range from $1 million, right down to $10, and multiple BC lottery players are able to share in this extravaganza due to the sheer size of the prize pool.

Tickets for the $100 Million Extravaganza Scratch & Win cost just $10.

BCLC also carries other Scratch & Win games which are incredibly popular with players, including the $5 Scrabble and Did I Win? tickets, the $3 More Lucky Lines ticket and the $2 Lotto 6/49 ticket, known as Instant Lotto 6/49.

Last year, BCLC paid out a total of $120,955,500 in Scratch & Win prizes, proving that anyone can be a winner with these great products.

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