Article published on 15 July 2013

2013 MLB All-Star Game Set Tuesday

2013 MLB All-Star Game
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Even though the final lineups of the 2013 MLB All-Star Game scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday, July 15) are yet to be announced, betting excitement for the big event which gets underway at 8:00 pm (ET) at Citi Field in Flushing, New York, is only growing.

Mid Summer Classic 2013

Few North American sports pit their best players in their respective leagues against each other the way baseball does, which offers a great opportunity for fans to watch two "dream teams" battle it out for supremacy in the one game of the year known as the "mid-summer classic."

However, as big as the MLB All-Star game is for baseball betting fans, worryingly, its popularity seems to be waning among regular fans, judging by declining viewership numbers in recent years. In fact, the all-important ratings for last year's game were the lowest they have ever been.

Statistically, just under 11 million viewers tuned in last year to watch the best of the best from the National League take on their counterparts from the American League. That pales in comparison to the just over 36 million viewers that tuned in in 1976 - the peak of the MLB All-Star Game's popularity.

Contributing Factors to All-Star Game's Decline

According to some baseball experts, there are many factors that have contributed to the All-Star Game's decline, but these are the two most important.

One, the excitement of watching the National League facing the American League has waned, because where once matchups between these two leagues was few and far between and thus something to look forward to, these days teams from both compete all the time, which means players get the chance to play their biggest rivals.

Gone are the days when fans used to have to wait months before the best players from one league would finally get the opportunity to showcase their skills against their counterparts from the other. The surprise factor has all but disappeared.

Baseball Today is all About the Money

And two, like most professional sports these days, baseball is all about the money. Where at one time players used to spend their entire career with their respective league as a matter of loyalty, players today are only loyal to the money. They are only too happy to sign up with the team that offers them the biggest pay package, regardless of which league it plays in.

As a result, these two factors have greatly "watered down" the excitement and anticipation that the MLB All-Star Game once represented, resulting in less baseball fans tuning in. Plus, many die-hard baseball fans have become increasingly unhappy with the rules and regulations that dictate how the All-Star teams are selected.

For instance, instead of two teams being picked purely on merit, a long-standing rule dictates that at least one player from each MLB team must be chosen, and worse still, must be given some playing time regardless of whether they're the best player for the job. Unless these rules are changed, the MLB All-Star Game risks becoming even less popular as time goes on.

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