Article published on 8 January 2014

Lucky Lottery Year End for Prairie Provinces

WCLC Reports on Extraordinary End to 2013
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The Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) pointed out recently that 2013 ended off on an extraordinary note for residents of Prairie provinces.

In the final 11 days of 2013, no fewer than 11 new millionaires were created - some of them multiple times over.

The biggest lottery win in 2013 was the $50 million Lotto Max jackpot won by a lottery player in Edmonton on December 20th.

Other millionaire wins include three people who won $1 million through Maxmillions and a $1 million prize paid out in Alberta on a Western Max lottery draw.

According to WCLC, on Christmas Day, two Lotto 6/49 tickets each paid out $1 million to players from Saskatoon and Calgary respectively, followed by a December 27th pay out of $1 million to an Albertan player.

But that wasn't the end of the Prairie provinces' winning streak and the very next day, on December 28th, two winners won $8.1 million in a Lotto 6/49.  The lucky players included one from Calgary and Dennis Nash from Winnipeg.

2013 ended off on a high note when a player from Alberta played a scratch 'n win ticket and took home $1 million in prizes.

Lotto Max $50 Million Jackpot

In the meantime, the Lotto Max jackpot has jump started excitement in the New Year by offering a massive $50 million prize in the January 10th draw.

The second Lotto Max draw of 2014 will also feature at least two Maxmillions prizes of $1 million each.

The size of the prize is the result of a rollover from last Friday's draw where nobody won the $46 million Lotto Max jackpot.

The weekend draw did, however, result in two players - one from Toronto and the other from Western Canada - sharing a second prize of $231K.

Calgary Man to Donate $40m Lottery Win

And finally, a man from Calgary who won $40 million last year in a Lotto Max draw, has vowed to donate every last cent to charity.

Tom Crist said that his career had provided enough for him to "set himself up" and therefore "there was no doubt in my mind where that money was going to, it was going to go to charity."

Most of the money would go to cancer research, said Crist, as his wife had passed away from the illness two years ago.

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