Article published on 18 April 2014

Horse Racing Hall of Fame for Clarke

Canadian Race Horse Industry Recognises Ted Clarke
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It's the horse racing Hall of Fame for Clarke. In the Ontario horse racing industry, Ted Clarke is a well known personality. Clarke, who has given incredible service and input into the horse racing community in Ontario, is being inducted into the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame. The official ceremony will take place on August 6th, when Clarke will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Mississauga convention centre.

Clarke, an advocate for the Ontario horse racing industry, is the General Manager at the Grand River Raceway in Elora. He is also a veterinarian , and has been a race horse owner. Clarke's work in the horse racing industry is being recognised, from his position as General Manager at the Grand River Raceway since 2000, along with his involvement as a race horse owner and being a veterinarian that deals with race horses.

Clarke's Contribution to the Horse Racing Industry

When Clarke was interviewed about entering the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame, he said: "It's certainly a marvelous honour."

Hugh Mitchell, the Chief Executive Officer of the Western Fair Association, and a colleague of Ted Clarke's, only had praise for the new Hall of Fame member. Mitchell had explained that he could sum up Clarke's contributions to the horse racing industry by using "four C's." The four words that he used were commitment, caring, character, and cleverness.

Mitchell commented: "In his own quiet way, he's a visionary. His integrity is beyond reproach. He's demonstrated a sincere caring for all stakeholders."

"Ted's a very deserving inductee. In many ways he's been a great builder for the industry," said Mitchell, who himself manages a racetrack.

Clarke has given credit where credit is due and has said that he staff and his colleagues in the horse racing industry have helped him reach this point where he was nominated to the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame.

Racetracks and Slots

Clarke has been involved in the horse racing industry for some time now. He first became involved in his work as a veterinarian in the 1970s. He was later involved in both the planning and building of the Grand River Raceway, after which he was involved in the operation of the racing venue. In 2003, the Grand River Raceway was officially to gambling.

In addition to working on the horse racing side of the Grand River Raceway, more recently, he was also involved in the Slots at Racetrack programme. The provincial government had chosen to abandon the programme and Clarke helped to get it back on track. While time will tell the future of the horse racing industry in Ontario, Clarke has certainly been a key player in moving the industry forwards.

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