British Columbia 49

Jackpot: $2.00 Million
Next Draw: 15 Aug 2015
Most recent draw results (12 Aug 2015)
$500 Thousand


Lottery Info

BC 49 gives participants a chance to win $2 million for only a one dollar purchase. Tickets are printed with six numbers ranging from 1 to 49 along with a bonus number.

If a participant has all six numbers, they win $2 million. If a participant also correctly guesses the bonus number, they have a chance at an extra $500,000. Any matching five numbers plus the bonus number will win $75,000. Any five main number match wins $750. Any four numbers drawn or any four plus the bonus wins $75. To win $10, you must match any three main numbers or three main numbers and the bonus. Any two main numbers along with the bonus will win $5.

Odds of winning the $2 million are one in almost 14 million. The BC 49 game is also available online.

Lottery Details
Draw Schedule Wednesday and Saturday
Payout $2 million with a bonus of $500,000
Operated by Columbia Lottery Corporation

Prize Divisions

What are your odds of winning the lottery?
Prize Divisions
Division 1 6/6 1:13,983,816
Division 2 5/6 + Bonus 1:2,330,636
Division 3 5/6 1:55,492
Division 4 4/6 1:1,033
Division 5 3/6 1:57
Division 6 2/6 + Bonus 1:81

Contact Details

Getting in touch with BC 49

Having a reliable and knowledgeable support team always within reach is a large part of forming a trusting relationship with a lottery provider. Below are the relevant details:

Contact Details
Lottery URL
Email Online form
Phone (205) 828-5500


Extra can be played in conjuction with the BC/49, Lotto Max, and Lotto 6/49 lotteries giving you a chance to win an additional $500,000.

4 randomly generated numbers between 1 and 99 are printed on your ticket and if you match all 4 you win $500,000. The odds of winning the Extra jackpot are 1:3,764,376.

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