Article published on 7 September 2010

Sportsbook Launches Survivor Pool Promotion

Turn your $25 into a massive $50,000
The Maple Gambling image gallery control requires that you have the Flash Player plugin installed and JavaScript enabled in your browser. has launched a fantastic new promotion in time for NFL season.

The NFL Survivor Pool has a top prize of $50,000 and calls for players to make the right predictions regarding their favourite teams for very little outlay.

The promotion is very simple to enter and works like this:

Throughout NFL season, players make a prediction on the team that they think will win outright that week.

The team need not cover the spread - it is enough for the team to simply win the game for the player to proceed to the next week of the competition.

The first entry into the competition costs $25, while entries two through five cost $20 each. Entries six to ten cost $15 each.

Players who proceed through to the next week have to pay another entry fee and choose another team.

Should their team lose that week, players are out of the promotion .

One of the most important clauses of the promotion is that the same team may not be chosen twice, and once a team is selected one week, it cannot be selected again for the rest of the season.

Entering the Survivor Pool promotion is very simple.

Players sign in using their username and password, create a nickname and purchase their entries.

Each week, a new team is selected and players will hopefully proceed through the competition until they reach the grand prize of $50,000!

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