Article published on 9 January 2012

BC Holding Responsible Gambling Awareness Week

Gamble Responsibly in British Columbia
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British Columbia will be holding its very first Responsible Gambling Awareness Week, beginning on January 14th. The campaign will be held in Vernon, BC and will run until January 20th, 2012.

According to the organizers of the Responsible Gambling Awareness Week, their goal is to raise awareness of responsible gambling practices in the province and across Canada, and, if necessary, to connect problem gamblers with community services and support groups.

Speaking for the Social Planning Council, Annette Sharkey said that the community needs to educate people on how to gamble responsibly. She added that people should also be aware that there are risks involved when gambling.

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation believes that 4% of gamblers eventually become problem gamblers, and therefore wants to start bringing about positive changes through discussion and education.

One of the events planned for the BC Responsible Gambling Week is called Community Dialogue on Responsible Gambling, which will take place on January 19th at the Schubert Center in Vernon from 5 - 8 pm.

Among the panelists who will take part in the event are Dwayne Nittel and Janice Mecredi from the BC Responsible and Problem Gambling Program, and the director of corporate social responsibility with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, Paul W. Smith.

To take part in this event, visitors can register online through

Participants will be able to enjoy a dinner, discussion, dialogue and presentations. Statistics regarding research and findings will be provided and topics discussed will include::

  • Gambling practices that keep players safe

  • What to do if you know someone who needs help

  • Resources available to help gamblers and their family

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week Kicks Off

The Responsible Gambling Awareness Week website invites players to take part through a number of interesting events.

"Gambling is a legal, recreational activity in our community that can be addictive for some individuals," reads the events homepage. "As a community we need to understand the risks and how to gamble responsibly."

Events throughout the week include:

  • A Myth Busting Kiosk where common misconceptions about gambling will be revealed.
  • Owning Mahowny play, put on at the Vernon Towne Theatre, telling the true story of a gambling addict who committed the biggest one-man bank fraud in Canadian history.
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