Article published on 5 April 2013

Lotto Max Win No April Fools

Nothing Foolish about Lotto Max Extra Win
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A winner of half a million dollars in the March 29th Lotto Max Extra draw had a hard time convincing his family that he wasn't pulling an April Fool's joke on them.

Attilio Campanile took a walk on April 1st and on the way past the stores, decided to check his lottery tickets. But when the 44 year old Vancouver player tried to share his joy about the $500,000 Lotto Max Extra win with this sister and brother in law, they simply wouldn't believe him.

"That's the hard thing about April Fools'," said the lucky winner. "Nobody believes you!"

Campanile tried convincing friends and other family members that he was far from joking, but it was only after he showed them the winning tickets did they finally join him in celebration with a bottle of bubbly.

Winner Bought Ticket at BMD Royal Market

Attilio Campanile purchased his winning Lotto Max Extra ticket at the BMD Royal Market in Vancouver.

The Extra is available with Lotto 6/49, Lotto Max and BC/49 at any British Columbia Lottery Corp retailer. Alternatively, tickets can be purchased online through the site.

Campanile said that he purchased lottery tickets "once in a while."

"I always hope, every time I buy a ticket and check it," said the happy winner. "And yesterday when I checked it... well, that was something!"

The winner said that money would be used to take care of his mother and travel to Italy on a dream trip.

$1 More to Play Lotto Max Extra

Saying 'yes' to the Extra on the Lotto Max draw or any other of the lotteries which offer the Extra means that players have a chance to win $500,000 for a $1 selection. It is possible to play up to 10 selections of Extra per ticket.

Lotto Max and Extra are drawn every Friday night and tickets are on sale until 6 pm on the night of the draw.

To win the top $500,000 prize, players need to match four out of four numbers with odds of winning on a $1 play being 1 in 3,764,376.

Matching three out of four, with odds of 1:906 means a $1,000 prize, while a 2/4 match with 1:141 odds earns the player $10. Matching one in four carries 1 in 6.8 odds and a $1 prize amount is awarded.

Winning numbers on the March 29th Extra draw were 12, 35, 50 and 55.

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