Article published on 22 May 2014

Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority to Add Slots

SIGA Operates Six Casinos in Saskatchewan
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The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority will be adding slots. These new slot machines will be added to its casinos, and it is the first time that slots have been added since 2008. There will be another 250 slot machines added to the existing gambling machines at the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority's casinos.

The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority has six casinos, and once the additional 250 slot machines are added at its casinos, there will be 2,120 gambling machines located at the six casinos.

Saskatchewan Slots and Gaming Machines

The province of Saskatchewan already has 2,927 slot machines that are found in aboriginal casinos. This includes slots at the Casino Regina and the Casino Moose Jaw that are provincially operated. In addition to the slot machines and gambling machines that are found in casinos, there are also video lottery terminals. Video lottery terminals, which are also well known as VLTs are slot machines that are not located inside a casino. These slots are located in other locations, such as in bars. There are 3,929 video lottery terminals in Saskatchewan.

The province of Saskatchewan has not put a limit on the number of slot machines that may be located inside casinos, however, there is a cap on the number of video lottery terminals that are allowed to be located in Saskatchewan. The cap on VLTs in Saskatchewan is 4,000.

About the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority

The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority was originally created on June 10th, 1995. The corporation has been defined as a charitable corporation since January 11th, 1996 when it was incorporated into The Non-profit Corporation Act of Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority was created by the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations.

In Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority, the SLGA, is the regulatory body for the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA). Both SIGA and SLGA are constantly communicating regarding the operations of SIGA since the SLGA is responsible for approving operating policies, budgets, and various procedures that take place. The SLGA also needs to approve the expansion of services.

In addition to the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority casinos, the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation, a Crown corporation that is owned by the Saskatchewan government, was set up in 1996. The original purpose of setting up the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation was to establish and operate the Casino Regina. In 2002, the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation opened the Casino Moose Jaw. Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation is also regulated by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority.

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