Article published on 22 August 2014

Canada Lotto Jackpot Prizes Remain Unclaimed

Calls for $50m Canadian Lottery Winner to Come Forward
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The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) has once again reminded Canadian lottery players to check their older tickets, in the hope of finding the winner of an unclaimed Lotto Max prize worth $50 million!

What is known public about the winner is that the ticket was purchased in Langley and the numbers matched all seven numbers on the March 14th draw.

With time ticking away, the BCLC is keen to find the winner and to urge him, her or them to come forward to claim the prize.

"There are many reasons why a winner may have not come forward," noted BCLC vice president Susan Dolinski. "Winners often consult with a financial adviser or a lawyer to sort out their personal affairs, informing family members, or they may be on vacation."

If the winners are indeed biding for time, they are not losing out.  For every day that goes past, the $50 million accrues around $2,500, which means that the sum has already grown $375,000 in interest.

$13.6m Unclaimed Lotto 6/49 Prize

Another, albeit slightly smaller sum also remains unclaimed in the BC area, leading the lottery corporation to put out a gentle reminder to players to check their tickets for this draw as well.

According to the BCLC, a ticket from the August 2nd Lotto 6/49 draw, which was sold in the Juan de Fuca or Malahat area on Vancouver Island, has not yet been claimed.

The winner is looking at the sum of $13.6 million!

There is no history of any top lottery prize in BC ever going unclaimed and the BCLC is hoping that this trend continues - especially when relating to such big jackpots. Winners have one year to claim their prizes.

"We encourage anyone who purchased a ticket for either of these draws to check their tickets," said Dolinski.

$30m Lotto Max Draw Tonight

Tonight (August 22nd) will see a Lotto Max jackpot of about $30 million up for grabs.

Players have just a few hours to purchase their tickets for tonight's draw, although sales for next week's draw will begin soon after.

Just a reminder that it's possible to maximize Friday night excitement through Lotto Max, which has weekly jackpots that begin at $10 million. When the jackpot reaches $50 million, MaxMillions are up for grabs, with additional prizes of $1 million.

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