Article published on 11 May 2011

European Responsible Gambling Measures Adopted by eCOGRA

eCOGRA adopts European Responsible Gambling Measures
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Earlier this year, the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), one of three European standardization organizations that are officially recognized by the European Union, adopted Responsible Remote Gambling Measures to facilitate a united market for the European industry and customers in 31 countries.

Among the areas covered were: Protecting vulnerable customers, preventing underage gambling, combating fraud, protecting privacy, ensuring fair gaming and accurate customer payments, marketing responsibly, ensuring that customers are satisfied and providing a safe operating environment.

eCOGRA, the London based player protection and standards body, announced this week that it has revised its Generally Accepted Practices (eGAPs) document to accommodate the CEN Responsible Remote Gambling Measures.

"By aligning our eGAPs with these recommendations, which cover nine key areas of activity, we not only provide a relevant and current roadmap to our accredited sites, but offer an expert framework useful to other operators committed to meeting requirements that are largely common to most regulatory initiatives," said Alan Beveridge, the Chief Executive Officer of eCOGRA.

The nine key areas covered in the CEN workshop contained 134 detailed requirements as sub-headings, and they are included in the revised eCOGRA document.

Europe as a Changing Regulatory Landscape

"The regulatory landscape now evolving in Europe has seen a growing number of nations opting for a competitive by strictly regulated online gambling market, and decisions are likely to be increasingly informed by the required measures of the CEN Workshop Agreement which were framed earlier this year," said Beveridge.

He added that operators who have achieved eCOGRA seal status should comply with the latest developments for CEN Responsible Remote Gambling Measures.

A wide number of stakeholders in the online gambling industry pitched in to develop the measures, from academics to problem gambling experts, and from players to operators.

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