Article published on 12 May 2011

Black Friday a Good Thing for Canadian Poker

Canadian Poker fans might benefit from black Friday
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While we can't help feeling sorry for our poker brothers over the border as they struggle to come to terms with the aftershocks of Black Friday, it should be said out loud that the recent clampdown on the US online poker market could spell good things for the local Canadian gambling market.

There is no doubt that the departure of major brands such as Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker from dominating the scene leaves a huge vacuum - and now is the time for Canadian poker companies to step in and take advantage of the situation.

Until now, poker shows geared to the North American market were usually produced by US companies and sponsored by the big names in US poker.

However, many shows have now had to be cancelled as sites such as Poker Stars and Full Tilt simply do not have the extra cash lying around to sponsor them anymore.

This could be the perfect opportunity for Canadian companies to team up with online poker sites and produce poker-related TV shows of their own.

Poker Stars Out, Party Poker In

Local poker companies would be wise to start teaming up with online poker sites that still have the Canadian poker public's confidence, such as 888 Poker and Party Poker.

The groups haven't broken any laws in the eyes of the US Department of Justice and could probably stand to earn an operating license if and when the US starts to grant them.

As such, Canadian companies may find gold in partnership deals with these groups from now already.

The entire world is going through a legislation process, and the latest move by the the US authorities may be the beginning of the country's shift towards a legalized and regulated industry.

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