Article published on 13 January 2012

NFL Playoffs Second Round Predictions

NFL Playoffs Second Round Predictions
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After last week's Wild Card Weekend - which more than lived up to its name - eight teams remain in the race to the Super Bowl, and after this weekend's Divisional playoffs, just four teams will be left to wager on reaching the final.

With the 2011-12 NFL Playoffs Second Round set to kick off tomorrow, American football fans across Canada and beyond will be scrambling to get their bets on, which is why we've compiled our own NFL Playoffs second round predictions.

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NFL Playoffs Second Round Predictions

New Orleans Saints (-3.5) at San Francisco 49ers

For 25 years both of these NFL franchises have fought tooth and nail for the No. 2 seed and first round bye, and this season the 39ers snagged it, and will thus host it. But despite their home advantage, the 49ers are the betting underdogs to the Saints, no doubt because of how well Saints quarterback Drew Brees has been playing of late. Consider the role he played in helping New Orleans scuttle Detroit 45-28 in last week's Wild Card round. We expect more of the same on Saturday, and thus a Saints victory.

Denver Broncos at New England Patriots (-13.5)

When these two teams faced off last month, the Patriots completely dominated the Broncos. And while then Broncos' quarterback Tim Tebow could do no wrong, after Denver's upset overtime 29-23 victory over the Steelers last week, he has taken on a 'God-like status'. But how Tebow and his compadres fare against the likes of Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady and his cohorts is the question. Probably not so good, considering the Patriots have the best offense in the league. We see a New England win tomorrow.

Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens (-7.5)

In October last year Baltimore beat Houston 29-14, and judging by their level of confidence to finally win the AFC, they could well do it again. The Ravens have all the players they need, just as long as they fire on all cylinders, especially QB Joe Flacco, who must put last year's divisional playoffs disaster behind him. While the Texans must be applauded for making it to the playoffs - largely due to rookie T.J. Yates who has replaced injured QB Matt Schaub - we see them falling short against the Ravens on Sunday.

New York Giants at Green Bay Packers (-7.5)

The venue for this game may be freezing cold, but the game scheduled to be played on Sunday could well be a scorcher! The last game of the NFL Playoffs second round, this may be the best considering it's between last year's Super Bowl champs, the Packers, and the Giants, who smashed Atlanta last week. While Green Bay have certainly shown that they deserve a second straight Super Bowl win, New York boast a strong and no doubt dangerous determination. However, we can't see the Packers throwing it away.

NFL Playoffs Second Round Odds at Bodog


Money Line


Saturday 14/01/12
A New Orleans Saints -3.5 -110 -200 o47 -110
H San Francisco 49ers +3.5 -110 +165 u47 -110
A Denver Broncos +13.5 -110 +525 o50 -110
H New England Patriots -13.5 -110 -750 u50 -110
Sunday 15/01/12
A Houston Texans +7.5 -110 +275 o36 -110
H Baltimore Ravens -7.5 -110 -345 u36 -110
A New York Giants +7.5 -110 +280 o52.5 -110
H Green Bay Packers -7.5 -110 -350 u52.5 -110

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