Article published on 25 May 2012

New BCLC Kiss Themed Scratch Card

Kiss Band on New BCLC Scratch Card
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A new scratch and win card has been released by the British Columbia Lottery Corp (BCLC), immortalizing the hugely popular 70's rock group, Kiss.

The new scratch and win card will be offering over $1.9 million in prizes to players who try out this new game, with the top prize a whopping $50,000.

The $3 BCLC Kiss scratch card can be purchased at any lottery retailer, and is a great retro addition to the Canadian lottery corporation's collection of superb games.

The BCLC is giving Kiss fans access to a remarkable collection of exclusive Kiss videos. All they need to do is 'like' Scratch and Win BCLC on Facebook and they'll be able to emerge themselves in fantastic Kiss music.

Kiss Band Continues to Perform

The American rock band hit the stages in 1973 and were well known for their elaborate costumes and face paint. Their performances were always a joy to watch, incorporating great music with incredible live performances such as fire breathing and pyrotechnics.

To date, the rock band has been awarded 28 gold albums, more than any other American rock band. Worldwide album sales have exceeded the 100 million mark.

And Kiss continues to perform today, minus two of its original singers, lead guitarist Ace Frehley and drummer Peter Criss. The other two founders, vocalist Gene Simmons and rhythm guitarist, Paul Stanley have now been joined by Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer.

Exciting BCLC Scratch Cards

The BCLC's scratch and win collection is one of the group's best products and the games are regularly played by Canadian lottery fans looking for instant prizes and fun gaming options.

Some of the more popular scratch cards, besides the new Kiss scratch card game, available for sale include:

  • $20 - $100,000 per Year for Life - The chance to win up to one hundred thousand grand every year for the rest of your life. Other prizes include 80 GMC Terrain vehicles and plenty of cash.

  • $10 Classic Black - The second series of this popular and elegant scratch card has been released, and now features 300,000 prizes of $50 or more, as well as a top prize of $500,000.

  • $4 Set for Life - This scratch card game includes 10 top prizes of $1,000 a week for a period of 25 years, as well as $15 million in total prizes. The overall chances of winning a prize through this scratch card are 1:3.64.

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