Article published on 23 August 2013

Canadian Scratch Card Boasts $100m Prize Pool

Scratch to Win Through Exciting BCLC Instant Games
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The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) is well known for providing jackpot prizes worth millions to lucky players through weekly lotteries such as Lottery Max.

However most players aren't even aware that they can become instant millionaires by playing one of the many different scratch card games offered by BCLC.

The game $100 Million Prestige is a case in point. The game, which costs $10 to play, offers a total prize pool of $100 million. Even better, the game offers 12 top prizes of $1 million each!

All in all, $100 Million Prestige scratch card will pay out 2,750,000 prizes worth between $20 and $100. The overall odds for winning any prize in this game are 1:3.28.

How to Play $100 Million Prestige Scratch Card

To play $100 Million Prestige scratch card, players simply need to scratch Game 1 completely. If any one of the eighteen numbers exactly match one of the six lucky numbers, players win the corresponding prize.

For Game 2, 3 and 4. Players scratch these games completely. If they uncover three identical prize amounts in the same game, they win that prize.

Other BCLC Scratch Cards

Scratch cards - known also as Scratch and Wins - are hugely popular in BC and players have won millions enjoying these quick and instantly-rewarding games.

In fact, the BCLC has paid out over $120,955,550 in prize money to scratch card winners over the past year alone!

Other BCLC scratch cards that remain popular among players include:

Classic White: Another $10 ticket which is based on the popularity of Classic Black scratch card, offering players the chance to win $500,000. Total odds to win any prize are 1:3.30

(More) Did I Win?: A fun game that enhances the original version. Win up to $75,000 on a ticket that costs just $5. Total odds to win any prize - 1:4.12

Sizzlin' 7s: The sparkly look $5 card offers odds of 1:3.75 to win a prize, with the top prize being $77,777!

The BCLC offers scratch and wins in many denominators, ranging from $1 to $10. Simpler $1 cards such as Ca$h Blast and Tic Tac Dough cost next to nothing, yet still offer players the chance to win thousands in prize money with some great odds.

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