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NHL betting is just as much a part of the popular North American sport of ice hockey as the eager and quick to fight players themselves, most of whom end up toothless and scarred, but who play the game not just for their highly lucrative salaries, but for the sheer love of the game. Face it, nobody bleeds for their sport unless they are passionate about it.

NHL Sportsbooks

And the same can be said for the hundreds of oddsmakers out there that make NHL betting possible. Sure, it's in their best interest to make ice hockey odds appealing for NHL betting fans, but like the players themselves, most oddsmakers and handicappers do what they do for the sheer passion and love of the game. And often that kind of love and passion for NHL hockey can also be found at the world's best and most reputable online sports betting sites.

The self same online sportsbooks and betting sites featured right here on this site, which is important because if you're prepared to wager your hard-earned dollars on NHL ice hockey - whether $10, $100 or $1000 - you must ensure that the NHL odds, picks and previews you base your wagers on have been laid by only the best, most reputable and well-informed oddsmakers and handicappers.

Which is why we stand by all the NHL sportsbooks reviewed, featured and promoted here on Maple Gambling. We have vetted each and every one personally and are pleased to report that they all offer the latest and most competitive NHL betting odds available on the internet right now.

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